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Local Product

itís a handicraft, for kitchenware, souvenir made of coconut shell such as spoon & fork, rice server, salad server, lamp wine glass now these product have been developped to many kinds, to be good quality, The domestic and foreign markets accept in quality and design.

it is a weaving handicraft by taking the Krajude is a kind of trees are growing in the canal, The native people take them to weave to be mats, bags, baskets fan etc. Most of products are made from the people who live in Talaynoi area these products are well known in foreign market such as USA Japan and Europe do not make pollution.

it is the a heritage sculpture on the leather to be actors from Nang Talung or shadow show which is the southern mythology. Now they are developped to many style up to the market demand which are accepted by Thai and foreign costomers.

the product of Agriculture Wifehouse spent time after farming produce it for make extra income for their family. Before made this product for use in family and for their relative. Today this product has to favor and make more quantity follow up. High demand of customer.

The bamboo sliver of Pattalung had been produce for along time to use as equipment in house. Then The Government going to support and training skill and develop production design. Today bamboo sliver of Pattalung Province is very popular because of the product got high quality.

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